Tour dates
18.5.2014 Northwest Animation Festival, Portland, Oregon

3.6.2014 Zlín Film Festival, Zlín, Czech Republic

11.6.2014 RABBITKIDS, Perugia, Italy

30.6.2014 Neum Animated Film Festival, Neum, Bosnia and Herzegovina

20.9.2014 Muestra de cortos de animacion, Tenerife, Spain

23.10.2014 Banja Luka Animated Film Festival, Banja Luka, Bosnia and Herzegovina

1.11.2014 World Animation Celebration, Hollywood, California

8.11.2014 Hsin-Yi Children’s Animation Awards, Taipei, Taiwan

19.11.2014 Animated Dreams, Tallinn, Estonia

24.11.2014 Lahore International Children's Film Festival, Lahore, Pakistan

8.3.2015 Tehran International Animation Festival, Iran

12.3.2015 #VOFF5: Animated Worlds

26.3.2015 Athens Animation Festival, Athens, Greece

20.8.2015 Anibar Animation Festival, Peja, Kosovo

Dear friends,
I would like to invite you to the premiere of our animated short film Majak, that will take place on the 26.6.2013 at 19:30 in Kino Svetozor, Prague. I'm looking forward to meeting you there.

End of the road
Majak is in sound postproduction, six years of work coming to an end. Premiere and tour dates soon.